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Welcome to our webpage where you can follow us on our cross country cycling trip.  Please visit our blog to get personalized updates on how everything is going.  Please note that if you would like to comment on the blog, you will need to register and be approved prior to posting any comments.  We will do our best to approve any requests as quickly as possible.  Also check out the daily maps of each of the rides and photos taken along the ride.  We fly to New York, NY on June 3rd.  Our plan is to start on June 5th and head towards Chicago.  We do not have a specific route planned but have a general idea.  After Chicago, the plan is to head possibly towards Yellowstone National Park.  We have been debating whether to ride through the Nevada desert or stay north and go through Idaho, Oregon, and eventually head south through California on our way to our final destination, Santa Cruz.  At this point we are planning on taking the northern route.  Though it is longer, it is much safer and probably easier than going through Nevada.  You can find out about any changes by checking out our blog.  Thanks for the support!